Casey Kasem Counts 'em Down  LbNA # 15083

Placed DateMay 15 2005
LocationManchester, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Jan 17 2017
Hike Distance?

This hike is about 4 miles long.

DIRECTIONS: From I-384, take exit 3. Turn onto route 83 south and head towards Glastonbury. You will pass Lutz Children's Museum on the left. From there, drive 1.1 mile to a 4-way intersection near the town line. Shallow Brook Rd. is on the right BUT you should turn left onto Line Rd. Once on Line Rd. drive .7 miles to a parking area on the left. You may encounter some mountain bikers during your hike today.

NOTE: This series can be done at the same time as the "Dick Clark's American Bandstand" letterbox series. If you do them both, it is about 5 1/2-6 miles.

This series is all about rock bands with very unusual names that have appeared and vanished over the years, leaving behind their ...umm music. (You'll see what I mean as you go along.)

Cross the road and see a brown sign for Case Mountain. Enter the YELLOW trail there. At one point you will arrive at a junction where it seems that the yellow trail goes in a couple of directions... continue straight here. Walk slightly uphill. Soon you will reach a major intersection. Look for "20" on a tree. Here, you need to look for a yellow/red striped blazed trail at 60 degrees. Follow this trail a short ways, counting the blazes as you go. At the 3rd blazed tree (a double blaze, actually), walk 27 steps to a cement town line marker. Take 10 steps at 240 degrees to a group of small rocks near a fallen tree. Look there for your first hit song:

"Tub Thumping" by Chumbawamba. This band, from Leeds, England hit #6 on Billboard Magazine's pop charts back in 1997. Possessing an upbeat anarchy attitude, band members urged fans to steal their CDs from shops! "Tub Thumping", their only hit song, spent 25 weeks on the charts.

Continue on the yellow/red striped trail. Eventually you will come to intersection #22. Notice the gray trail on the right. Turn here. (Yellow/red rejoins the gray trail later on, but it is very mucky.) As you travel on the gray trail, you will walk past an old chimney. After hiking on the gray trail for about a 1/2 mile you will reach the junction of the pink trail. Stop! Look for a sign on a tree labelled "13." From this sign, walk 30 steps at 160 degrees. Look under the west side of a group of rocks to find letterbox #2:

"Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo. Based in Hertfordshire, England, this synthesizer driven band was led by Limahl, the lead singer. "Too Shy" reached #5 on the charts in 1983. Fans continue to wait for another hit.

Return to the "13" sign. It is time to change colors. Take the pink trail at 43 degrees towards the summit. Quite soon you will spot a pond/vernal pool on the right and a large rock on the left. Next to the rock is a two sister tree (But there used to be three!) Standing between the rock and the trees, walk 8 steps at 270 degrees to find your 3rd box:

"Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. This band, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, had their only hit, an infectious disco song, race up the charts in the spring of 1980. This platinum record (sold over 1 million copies) spent 4 weeks at #1 and drove everyone crazy! Oddly enough, an Australian band called Pseudo Echo had a remake of the song in 1987. I guess some people didn't get sick of it after all!

From here it is only about 100 yards to the summit of the mountain. Why not check it out...enjoy the view...hum a song that you can't get out of your head...and perhaps search for other secret stashes! To get back to your car, backtrack the way you came.


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