C.U. Later  LbNA # 15093

Placed DateMay 13 2005
LocationCedarville, OH
Found By Gloria Beem
Last Found Sep 3 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is in a new location due to the bush it was hidden under being removed. Luckily it was still there sitting in plain sight! Hopefully it will stay safe again for a while.

Difficulty: drive by

This box is dedicated to all those who have and will graduate from Cedarville University. As you leave this place you will see a familar cemetery known to us as the cemetary behind Brock one last time. The cemetery's true name is North Cemetery.

Proceed through the pearly gates and circle the tomb of the egyptian wanna be cats standing guard. As you go along the journey you will find Jesus on your left and a "Wise Man" on your right. Both point in a direction but only one has the right answer. Which road will you choose? As you pass the mansion built for those in glory you will find it time to make your decision. If you follow the correct path you can stop and clean up with the Barber before you meet *Ma and Pa Jenkins and sit neath their ole Maple tree. Reach toward Heaven for that which you seek.

Place the box carefully hidden where you found it and we hope to C.U. Later! Please let us know if the box is is need of attention: cmissler@cedarville.edu