Opening Day  LbNA # 1512 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 10 2001
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By Wolfy
Last Found Feb 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Rated : Easy Planted by: Leader of the Pack and the Cowboy 4/10/01 Visit Mansfield Hollow Park, the picnic area is off Bassetts Bridge road in Mansfield Center. Not at the dam itself and not the boat launch. There is a little parking lot near the road. Walking into the park to find a perfect fishing spot we headed up the paved road past the ball fields. At the junction we turned right and walked by an old fashioned water pump. Then on past latrines and other park amenities. Staight ahead was a park gate they scooted around the end carrying all the fishing gear and a nice picnic lunch. Down an incline we went ,there were two huge logs to the right and a lonesome picnic table. We went a little to the left, there were several choices we took the main path which was in the middle. We dropped down a gravel and sand incline ( actually the cowboy dumped his bike here and was proud to get up and go on ). We went just a bit more straight and could see the blue waters of the lake glistening in the distance. As we started down the trail toward the water we saw a tree broken off at about 4 feet and the tall spire now resting pointing to the water. Here we stopped to scratch by rock and dirt to see if we could find some worms. The early bird catches the worms I told him and we were rewaded. It was a wonderful spot to stop although we were quick to take care of things as this is a busy park and others could come by at any moment. Opening Day was a great fishing adventure. We went back the way we came but could have walked on and to the waters edge and around ( Rt. ) to the boat launch then up the road to the car.