Letterboxing 101 - Lexington  LbNA # 15142 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 4 2004
LocationLexington, KY
Found By Lindsays Snowman
Last Found Jul 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Located in River Hill Park, South Central Lexington, off Man O' War and Crosby.

This small camouflagued cache contains everything needed for a letterbox find:

ink pad
pencils (please note date found!)
geocache information sheet

The small round container is about 4 inches in diameter and about 4 inches deep, it is covered with camo tape.

Park in the parking lot off of Crosby, then
head out southward toward the corner of the park near Man O War and Crosby, once there, stay in the grassy area walking east/northeast staying on the grass as long as you can. When you hit the trees head into the woods. The box is located at the base of a tree
under the ivy about 50 feet in and about 40 feet North of the fenceline.

There is only one stamp left in the box, so it is the "official" stamp now, please do not take it! Just trying to make it easy to get into the letterboxing groove here in Central Kentucky. This listing is cross posted on Geocaching.com.

This letterbox is still active as of 09-03-2006!