Friends of Mansfield Hollow  LbNA # 1515 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2001
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Found By enjoinder
Last Found Oct 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Rated : Medium, compass and pacing required

Walk: 30 min. some hilly

Planted By: Leader of the Pack, Cowboy, and Codeman July 6,2001

From rte 195 Mansfield Center, take Bassetts Bridge rd. to park entrance ( not boat launch) This is the same location to begin Opening day box and Red Fish Blue Fish . Park near road or in season drive into the large picnic grove to park. At the intersection near the picnic grove take a compass reading of North and follow that road. You will see two yellow gates , continue north. When you pass gate stay on the gravel. At next intersection turn to take the trail at 20 degrees . Pass through an area of tree debris. At the next intersection your choice is at 80 degrees. After a bit you come to yet another intersection go North on the blue dot and up the trail you will have turned your back on the water.
Continue on the blue dot down a steep grade to a 4 way intersection , take the trail at 200 degrees go 20 paces to the T.
Go on at 160 degrees for 75 paces and stop. Behind a pine at 230 degrees you will find a friend in Mansfield Hollow. be sure to stamp up secretly and return the box to its hiding spot so others may enjoy the hunt. When finished go ahead to intersection take trail at 240 degrees to return to the dike trail when dike is in view turn left to return to picnic area. Have Fun !