Quinault Rain Forest  LbNA # 15157

Placed DateMay 19 2005
CountyGrays Harbor
Location?, WA
Planted ByQuinault Rain Forest    
Found By Oriole nest
Last Found Aug 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Quinault Rain Forest

Ten letterboxes are in place throughout the Lake Quinault community offering a fun mixture of treasure hunting and exploring the interesting places found in the rain forest. Two of the boxes are in establishments near trailheads that lead to viewing sites of Rain Forest Champion Trees. Three boxes are located in the establishments of historical buildings with intriguing stories. One box requires a one hour trip by car. Three boxes require hiking to places near and far and farther. And one box is located central to all. Clues to find the ten letterboxes can be found at http://www.quinaultrainforest.com. Click on Letterboxing.
Each letterbox contains a handmade stamp containing the image of something that is dear to this rain forest community.

DUE TO RECENT STORM DAMAGE 2007/08: The following letterboxes are not accessable.
COUGAR LETTERBOX: Has been housed at the US Post Office, Quinault.
BANANA SLUG LETTERBOX: Destroyed by blowdown and wind damage.
TRUMPETER SWAN LETTERBOX: Museum's Kitchen Room was destroyed by a falling tree. Hopefully the letterbox will make its way back to the museum.
DEAR, BEAR, & ELK: Letterbox is under a mass of blowdown.

Keep checking this site for letterbox replacement updates.