Great Outdoors Final Box  LbNA # 15162

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateMay 19 2005
LocationGresham, OR
Found By Maiden1974
Last Found Sep 20 2006
Hike Distance?

If you have found all 18 previous stamps, assemble them before you now. In all but 2 cases, write down the first letter of each word, which is also capitalized and is larger than the others. The remaining two stamps clearly have a larger, capitalized letter in the middle or end of the word.

Subtract these 18 letters from the alphabet, and keep the remaining letters, in alphabetic order. You will need to unscramble these letters to name a place in Gresham, which is to be your starting point for the driving directions to the final box.

You will unscramble 2 words. The first word starts with the last letter of those remaining. The second word starts with the fifth.

From the corner of _ _ _ _ / _ _ E _ _ E mile, head north to the third light. Turn right and pass two lights. At 3.7 miles from the start, experience de ja vu. At 4.1, carefully cross the water without touching it. Do not stop, follow the road along its painted curvature.

At 4.5 miles, you can stop for dinner. At 7.0, turn right into the beginning of the end. Pay a $3 fee if needed.

Do not park in the lot in front of you. Head down the road, don't park in the next lot, but in the last.

Clues below clarified 5/30/05, thanks to Funhog:

Find the Rules sign at the back of the lot. From the intersection of paths, head along the the direction of the river. At the next junction, take the left path, cross the bridge, and stop. Look around carefully. Find the boulder and the trail in front of it. At 9 paces on the trail, see a mossy rock and a clump of growth above and slightly to the right of it. Reach around behind it and brush away the covering to find the final box!

8/21/05 -- If you have a hard time unscrambling the letters, please say so. Tell me the letters that are left over, and I'll know you found the others. The starting place could be considered "local knowledge" and I don't want to keep anyone from finding the final box just because they aren't from Gresham/Troutdale. (Although, I've seen this place mentioned on a map before -- but times change.) Good luck!

8/30/05 -- Update. I drove by the other day, and the namesake of the clue is being torn down. This will make it even more difficult in the future, for "non-locals" to know where the starting point is. Don't hesitate to email me.