Astoria Column  LbNA # 15172 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 20 2005
LocationAstoria, OR
Found By Robes5
Last Found Aug 1 2011
Hike Distance?

***10/25/08 reported missing. will replace as soon as I can get away to Astoria***

You do not need to go up the column to find this letterbox. The view is worth all those stairs, though.

Notice the caretakers house SE of the column. Get up close and appreciate the clever window shutters. Turn around and see the green chainlink fence. A trail starts right by the fence (Cathedral Tree Trail). Follow trail to the top of some stairs. Go down 10 steps. There should be a utility pole to your left. Look right and see a mound (really old log) in front of a large tree. The Astoria Letterbox is in a cubby on the (NW) side of the tree facing the stairs, behind the mound (really old log). Poke a stick in first!

Look around and pick up any planes. We found 5 when the letterbox was planted and tossed them off the column. The trail continues down to the Cathedral Tree. While in Astoria, try to stop by Fultano's Pizza.

If you like, email me when you find it. Enjoy! NeNe