Abner Loomis  LbNA # 15195

Placed DateMay 21 2005
LocationFort Collins, CO
Found ByLil' Filly
Last UpdateMay 28 2014


*** The logbook was pulled because it was full. I will replace the logbook as soon a possible but the stamp remains. Please stamp a blank page and leave it in the microbox if possible. 11/1/2008***

This letterbox is the eighth in a series commemorating the history of Northern Colorado, and will take you to various outdoor historical sites.

Did you realize that Fort Collins had their own real life “John Wayne”? Well, they did! His name was Abner Loomis. Loomis was a man that stood up for himself and Fort Collins when bandits would steal the horses, mules, or basically do anything to harm this small town in any way. An example of this is was when Loomis was confronted by the marshall from Denver wanting help in capturing the outlaw Musgrove. He did this by tricking Musgrove one morning at his ranch in Pleasant Valley south of Bellvue at the bottom of Bingham Hill. Abner invited Musgrove in for breakfast but as he dismounted his horse his shotgun went off killing Loomis’ mule. This upset Loomis and he later found Musgrove and told him that he had found a valuable horse that no doubt he wanted and took him to it. When they got back to Pleasant Valley Abner invited his guest in for lunch and upon a signal the marshall jumped in with guns pulled to arrest Musgrove. Musgrove was taken to Denver but was hung when the town found out he was captured.

Loomis later took part more in the business in town such as partnering with William Stover in building the Poudre Valley Bank

There will be a first finder “certificate” for the first finder of this letterbox. ENJOY!


1. Remember that hill that Loomis lived by? Find the old cemetary named for that hill.

2. Follow the path towards the cemetary along the stream. The dirt path will become wooden before getting to the cemetary. Stop here. To the right in the hiding hole is where the original box was hidden before the evil spirits removed it.

3. To protect this microbox from evil, I have gone against my original thoughts and placed the box in protection of the innocent. Continue into the cemetary and pay tribute to the early pioneers of Fort Collins. Because this cemetary is not huge, I would like you to look for a young man by the name of John E Dennes who can help direct you to the box. I have entrusted this young child who was born in 1873 and did not see his first birthday to hide Abner Loomis between the yucca plant to his side and the wall to his home. Abner Loomis was not buried here but did live near by.

Please attempt to hide the box better than you found it as this location is in town and could be found by people that may not appreciate letterboxing the way that you an I do. Also, since this is a public place, please be discreet. Leave a message in the journal if you wish. If you want, please let me know when you find the box and it‘s condition. After you are done, check out the other letterboxes in Northern Colorado (Water Wagon is near by).

Planted by Ramdelt.
A handmade stamp and journal.