MMMMM Memories  LbNA # 15203

Placed DateMay 19 2005
LocationDecatur, GA
Planted BySePTeMBER    
Found By LAUGH
Last Found Mar 12 2008
Hike Distance?

These two letterboxes are hidden in the same area as Gazebo Glimpse and Goose Gander. If you have done those two first, continue on up the hill until you come to an intersection on your left, which is Bell Street. If you are starting with these two, it is easier to enter the cemetery from Bell Street (off Church Street).

Medical Memorial

Stand at the intersection where Bell Street meets the first road in the cemetery and look towards a body of water. Go down the road that takes you past Stephen DeCOWtur. Pass this wonderful memorial to the town’s namesake and continue past the maintenance building.

When you reach Section V, turn between MASON and SMITH until you see PAYTON on your left. There are many crossroads here. Take the one marked by two ebony posts. Far in the distance you will spy a black marker that does not have all 90° angles. Go all the way to this marker. (As you go on this path, far on your right you will see stairs that you came down if you did the Goose Gander letterbox.) With the black marker at 180°, sight Sidney Ascue’s St. Patrick’s Day memorial at 250°. DEEP in the bushes behind you will be what you seek!!!

Middle School Memories Letterbox

This box is in honor of the person who the middle school in this town is named after, ES. DBSM HJMCFSU SFOGSPF. Continue on the path from Medical Memorial Letterbox (when this box was planted this would take you towards a “mountain” of wood chips!). Find stairs in the direction of the star Polaris and go up V steps. Turn on the road away from SHORT. Travel past SMITH and CANTRELL and look for an intersection marked “IN LOVING MEMORY” of a former president’s namesake. (This is in Section XIV.) Going the way that water would run, you pass a marker on each side of the road shaped in a symbol of Christianity. You might see Elmo!!! VI markers later will be the one to ES. DBSM SFOGSPF, who passed away in MMIV. From here, between the rising sun and “Dixie”, find a LARGE III trunked tree. In the bushes behind it will be what you seek!!! Remember to hide better than you found.