Sailing the Great Lakes  LbNA # 15255 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 23 2005
LocationKenosha, WI
Found By adventureteam
Last Found Aug 16 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterboxing has gone missing! I will replace soon!

Discover downtown Kenosha! Start in the parking lot on 3rd Ave. and 58th Street. When you enter the parking lot, there will be permit parking only to the right, and PUBLIC parking to the left. Walk towards the harbor. LOOK to your left. There is a park where children will love to play. Continue to LOOK to your left, around the curve. If it is very warm, there are water fountains to play in! Now LOOK across the street to your left. See the Kenosha Public Museum? It is a great place to explore! With all the LOOKING you've done, have you seen the trolley yet? You can take a ride on the trolley for only 25 cents! What a deal! Ready to find the letterbox? Here's the clues.

Facing the harbor, admire all the sailboats! Then, turn to the right and follow the sidewalk along the harbor. There is a nice park for a picnic lunch, but don't go into the park now! Turn left, and continue to follow the sidewalk. When you reach Lake Michigan, stop and take in the view! Are there any sailboats on the lake today? Now, turn to the right. There are lampposts on your right. Pay attention! At the first lamppost (not the corner one), follow the crack in the sidewalk to the rocks. Take 2 very small paces onto the rocks. On your left, there is a rock the shape of Kentucky. It has lots of depreased circles. The rock is very heavy! No need to move it, or any rocks! Reach under the backside of the rock (the side closer to the lake). Retrieve the letterbox. Since this can be a very high traffic area, please take the box into the park to stamp. When replacing it under the rock, please be discreet and tuck it under securely.