Keep In Touch Series #1: Snail Mail  LbNA # 15267 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2005
Location03909, ME
Found By dragonrider
Last Found Aug 19 2008
Hike Distance?


As of today, 3/24/2009 this box has been removed for maintenance and relocation. The tree it was hiding in has been cut down so I need to find a new spot for the snail to hide. It also needs a new log book because the last LBer did not seal the package properly, left the book outside of the container and now it is completely destroyed. I will replace and will post a notice when all is ready again. Thanks.

This series is dedicated to my grandfather who was a letter carrier in Boston his entire adult life. He proudly carried his leather bag full of mail, walked the streets 6 days a week, greeting each person by name until he retired in 1960.

Go to the Office and park in the far left corner of lot at the far north corner of the building. See the tree with many twisted vines crawling up and down the trunks? The snail is crawling under the leaves at the base. Please be discrete as this is a very public area. Hide well and move on to the next one at 03911.