The Carillon  LbNA # 1527

Placed DateApr 28 2003
CountyRichmond city
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Sep 14 2014
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The Carillon

(Originally planted by David and adopted by EllBee 11/15/2006. David, if you decide to become active in boxing again, we'll happily turn ownership of this box back to you.)

Location: Richmond Va.
Difficulty: Quick and easy but some compass work and have to calibrate your steps.

From Interstate 95 - Take the Boulevard exit. Go south on the Boulevard until you hit a T intesection, bear right (the way most of the traffic goes.) When the road straightens out again the Carillon will be right in front of you. the road hits another T intersection right in front of the carillon. Turn left and take an immediate right to get to a large, shady, gravel parking lot.

Take time to see the Carillon; it was dedicated in 1934 to the Virginians who died in WWI.

Your quest begins in front of the Carillon. You must triangulate your starting point!
If the Center of the Carillon is at 210deg. The US Flag is at 164deg and the VA Flag is at 262deg.
You get a Gold Star!
Take 99 steps at 126deg.
You should be standing on a manhole cover.
Take 90 steps at 172deg.

NOTE: David had noted that some of his compass bearings might be the opposite of what he had listed - we can verify the readings up to this point, but from here we could see the landmark, so we didn't take readings or step it out.

Take 100 steps at 202deg.
Take 31 steps at 224deg.
You will be standing at the top of stone steps leading down.

(NOTE: We verified all the following compass readings as correct.)

Follow steps down and cross the bridge, follow steps up the other side. At the top of the hill see 3 posts with white tops. Go to the one that is farthest to the northwest. Take 107 steps at 313deg.

Get kind of a hollow feeling?
51 steps at 300deg.
66 steps at 234deg.
You will be at the start of a path leading into the woods.
Take 22 steps down the trail.
On a bearing of 310deg. you will see a very large Willow Oak tree. Box is on the ENE side of the tree under a small pile of rocks. See all those funny hills around you? They are old piles of bricks and cobblestones that the city cached here years ago.

Please reseal bags and box well and rehide better than found. If you box with kids, please supervise them in these activities.