Dr. John Doy - Lawrence  LbNA # 15279 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 17 2005
LocationLawrence, KS
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By spanky_kc
Last Found Mar 19 2007
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08/10/2006: Mr. Doy has moved to new digs, filling in for the departed Forest Wonder.

This is a two-part letterbox commemorating the heroic rescue of Lawrence doctor John Doy. The two boxes, one in Lawrence and one outside of St. Joseph, Missouri, are both needed to complete the stamped image.

John Doy was a homeopathic doctor originally from Hull, in Yorkshire England. He moved to Kansas Territory in 1854 to help in the founding of the city of Lawrence, and to make the territory a Free State in the Union.

In January 1859, Doy agreed to take a group of thirteen African American Kansans, north to Iowa, on one leg of the Underground Railroad. The famous abolitionist John Brown was leading another group of twelve former slaves that had been rescued from Missouri toward Topeka and on to Canada the same day.

The original plan was for the Doy and Brown groups to travel together, but Brown changed those plans. John Brown's group successfully made the long trip to Canada, but Dr. Doy and his group were captured 12 miles north of Lawrence by a group of slave hunters, tipped off to Doy's journey.

Plans are being made to preserve and document Doy’s original homesite by the Underground Railroad Association of Douglas County. Until then, though, you’ll have to make due with finding the Dr. John Doy letterboxes.

This box is hidden at the Prairie Park Nature Center, a little gem tucked away on the East side of Lawrence. It's a great place to see a variety of natural habitats, and the nature center has a lot of fun stuff for the kids.

The letterbox is accessible even when the Nature Center is closed. To see the nature center hours, and other information, check out their web site:

Difficulty: requires a 1/4 mile round trip walk on dirt trails.
Compass required: no

Directions to trailhead (2730 SW Harper):

- Go to Lawrence, and get on K-10 (from East or West)

- From K-10, turn South on Haskell

- From Haskell, turn left (East) on 27th Street

- From 27th street, turn right (South) on Harper

- Park in the nature center parking lot at 2730 Harper.

- Walk to the main entrance of the nature center. The trail starts at the small wooden bridge to the left of the glass doors.

Directions to box:

- Walk across the wooden bridge, and follow the path out into the wildflower meadow.

- When paths join this one, keep going straight and toward the woods.

- Enter the woods, and cross the creek on the wooden bridge.

- Turn right at the end of the wooden bridge.

- About 100 feet down the path you will see a birdhouse on your right, near a tree with a white paint spot on it.

- Turn your back to the birdhouse. Across the path there is a large hedge tree. With three main trunks. The center trunk is a different color, and looks as if it is a smaller tree growing out of the middle of the bigger tree.

- The box is behind and the base of this tree and WELL buried under the fallen bark.