Clintonville Series  LbNA # 15311

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateMay 26 2005
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By bspaniels
Last Found Jul 10 2011
Hike Distance?

We have lived in Clintonville in North Columbus for nearly thirty years. Our first boxes will give you a mini-tour of this lovely community. The four boxes "surround" our house. Nearly all are in pretty public areas, so be discreet. Also, be sure to put back carefully. Check to see that the boxes cannot be seen from the casual observer.
Our boxes are small--please BRING YOUR OWN INK!! All boxes are easy to find. You can find all four in a hour or two.
Although the clues take you from one box to the next you may do the series in any order you wish.
If you find them, please let us know at
TThis is the third time we have replaced this box. Hopefully it will stay in its new little niche for quite some time.
Start out heading NORTH from the corner of High Street and Morse Road in Clintonville. Drive NORTH about a mile. Look for the Midas Store on the west side of the street--Lincoln Avenue. Turn left (west) on Lincoln and follow it into the Walnut Grove Cemetery. Bear right to stay on Sycamore at the split. Take an almost immediate left onto Buckeye. After passing Cottonwood you will see a parking place on your right by a picnic table. Park there. Now for a short stroll--continue down Buckeye to Maple. Turn right on Maple (west) and walk to Beech. Continue on Maple looin for the Jewett's on the left. (Ida, Dr. Charles and Dorothy). Look north for a HUGE tree (about 20 steps away). At the base of the tree on the back side is a little hole blocked by a piece of slate you will find "NORTH". Please replace the slate carefully so the box will remain hidden.

(THIS BOX IS IN A COMPLETELY NEW SITE AS OF OCTOBER 4, 2005!!)ALSO: Safari Man has a five box series in this park!
Now for west....Travel SOUTH on High Street for about TWO MILES. Turn right (west) at Hollenbeck Dr. (The Whetstone Rec Center and the Library are on the corner.) Drive past the tennis courts and ball diamonds to the main parking lot. Park in the main lot by the Park of Roses sign. Go up the stairs and behind the shelter house to enter the Rose Garden. Take the brick path beside the flagpole. Continue through the Rose Garden (generally east and north) until you see the two level black gazebo. From there continue past the arbor: Heritage Rose Garden. Walk to the last arbor in that part of the garden. The roses by the archway are White Dawn. Walk 21 paces at a 190* towards the woods. At the tree line you should see a tree stump about 2 paces into the woods. The box is in the tree stump covered with two thick pieces of wood. There are lots of benches near by for you to stamp in.

Halfway there!
3.EAST: NEW DIRECTIONS as of March 10, 2009
Go back to High Street. Continue south for about another mile to Torrence Rd. Turn east (left) on Torrence. (There is a Wendy's on the NE corner, across from Fire Station #19.) Enjoy the houses on this lovely w-i-n-d-i-n-g road in the heart of Clintonville. (Stay on Torrence--don't turn onto Piedmont or Granden.)
When you reach Indianola Avenue, turn right.(south)As you pass the small park on the corner notice the stump along the fence. That is where our box WAS! It went missing a week ago. Continue on Indianola for about a mile. Turn left on Arcadia. (There is a Dairy Queen on the SW corner.)
Turn left again on 4th Street. Park towards the end of the street before you turn onto Cliffside. On foot, enter Glen Echo Ravine. Walk down the path. You will cross two bridges. (You'll pass an arched bridge and a stairway.) Keep going until you are standing at the opening of the large overpass. Don't enter. Walk left along the wall about 8-10 feet. "East" is under two stones.
Please replace carefully. Replacing boxes is a pain--and we hate to lose all the great stamps in the log book.

4.SOUTH REPLACED!! 12/11/07
We AGAIN replaced this box. Hopefully it is in a little better spot--less open to non-boxers.
Finally, to SOUTH in Clinton-Como Park. Go back to Arcadia. Take it west past the Dairy Queen. Notice North High School on your right--a Columbus landmark and Reynold's alma mater. Turn right on High Street. If you are hungry, now is a good time!) Go NORTH (Yep, our SOUTH box is now NORTH of EAST.) Drive .7 of a mile to Lakeview. This is the business district of Clintonville. (Lakeview is two streets north of McDonald's. There is a red, white and blue AMACO building on the SW corner.) Turn left (west) and go all the way to the end of the street. Turn right and turn into the parking lot of Como Park. Between the baseball diamonds are two TALL manhole covers. (personholes?!?!) From the northen most cover walk 110 paces at 285 degrees to a sign that tells you whose park this is! About 10 feet north of this sign is a guardrail.
NEW PART!! Follow the guardrail orth-go past where it stops and continue until it starts again. Inside the southern side of the second guardrail you'll find "South".
Let us know when you have found all four. Did you have any problems? How did you enjoy Clintonville? Contact us at