The Perfect Martini Lounge  LbNA # 15322

Placed DateMay 23 2005
LocationSeekonk, MA
Found By Lightbearer
Last Found Jan 17 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is dedicated to all who have worked with me at this location!!
This may be in a very urban and well traveled area, stealth like boxing is required, you may even need a drink for this one! Great for hungry boxers!
We worked at our Chancellors lovely brides’ eatery,
Without ever expecting to develop such camaraderie.
If you were an Inntern, you may have expected to be at this spot for a tri.
But instead dreamt of becoming assistants or fellows, all you had to do was apply!
But whether you majored in hospitality, culinary, nutrition, or technology you never got a rest
Your skills were constantly put to the test.
A Practical learning adventure,
Something I think none of us will cease to remember.
You contemplated your careers while attending the University
Now you have graduated and you are on your way,
Please come back and visit us one day!
If you do visit this spot, enter and seat yourself in the lounge on the couch closest to the entrance, with your back to the wall. Reach under the half-moon table. There you will find a martini, just for you, in the “Perfect Martini Lounge”