Susan Branch's Summer Part I  LbNA # 15340 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 27 2005
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By Screaming Monkey
Last Found Oct 22 2005
Hike Distance?

This is a series of 5 letterboxes whose stamps are from Susan Branch's Summer Series. There are 15 stamps in all so this will be done in three parts. Purists can stop reading now. These are store bought stamps. We are just starting to learn how to carve our own stamps, and progress is slow. We bought these before we started learning, so we are going to plant all of these and then start in on boxes with hand carved stamps.

We are sticking with micros as it has worked well for us. Each stamp is hidden in a black 35mm film container with a grey lid. This should keep things dry. It is a tight fit for the log and the stamp, so please put the pieces back together the way you found them and make sure the lid is on securely. Also because of size the log will not accomodate a stamp that is larger than 1 3/4" on both sides. Finally, bring your own ink pad.

We are very open to comments and suggestions from people who do these letterboxes, so feel free to email us at any time.

Finally I will mention that this is a short hike. This is suitable for bikes, and dogs are allowed. We would rate the difficulty as moderate as some of the boxes are off the beaten path and require a little sleuthing to find.


Start by finding the rock with the Gettysburg Address on it. Head due north to the overlook and find the middle post. Go down one tier and find the Hummingbird burried in the leaves at the foot of the post.

Proceed to the car bridge located farthest North in this park. On the North East corner there is a path leading down to the river. Start down the path and find the spot where the foundation walls meet at an angle. The Summer Fly is secreted away in the crack here.

Find the place you go to walk and contemplate. Nearby there is a miniature of the location. From the miniature find the stone bench on a heading of 180. Behind the bench where the perpindicular supports intersect you will find the Three Flowers beneath the mulch.

When the cold winds blew from the North and the West they damaged the footbridge far to the east. Find the remains of the indicated railing post and look behind it to see the Ladybug.

Finally find a spot to fish as far West as you can. Then face away from the lake and look across the road to a tree growing right up against the fence. At the base of this tree in between the tree and the fence you will find the Flower.