Mabon Series  LbNA # 15359 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 27 2005
LocationPortland, ME
Found By Jiffy
Last Found May 22 2010
Hike Distance?


Location: Fore River Sanctuary
Length: 2.0 miles
Difficulty: Easy terrain with a slight hill
Bring: Compass, purple, red, black, orange, golden yellow, green markers

This series was created as part of a celebration for Mabon in 2004. I wanted to plant a series of boxes and thought it would be fitting to have my friends contribute. This series would never have come into existence if it weren’t for their amazing talents, so thanks to each one.

Directions: To enter at the east end of the sanctuary, park in the Maine Orthopedics lot at 1601 Congress Street, at the corner of Frost Street. Take a right onto the Congress Street sidewalk. It is a very short walk to the trailhead which will be on your right. It is halfway between Maine Orthopedics and the Stroudwater Crossing building (where you can also park in).

Enter the trail from Congress Street. The Fore River Sanctuary trail is marked in blue. Once you have entered the woods, you will see a small wooden fence/rail on your right. Stop at the end of the fence, and count 25 steps. You will see a small open thicket on you left. “Mabon Wine” by Zephyra is behind the scraggly tree at its base (CONFIRMED MISSING AS OF 8/14/08). Continue on the trail, passing a small pond on your left and crossing a small bridge. Often times there are many ducks here, so don’t forget to stop and say “hi”. Cross the large bridge over the marsh. Don’t forget to “Protect the Wildlife”. If you need to pause for a break there is a wonderful bench on the right with great views of the marsh. Stay on the trail and go through the reeds that are taller than me (I’m 5’2). You will cross over 3 small bridges before the trail takes a sharp right and crosses over a large bridge which is under some power lines. Just after this bridge, but before a small footbridge, you will see a small path on your left. About half way up the hill is a large dead stump to the left. You will find “Epona” by MaineKokopellian in the hole closest to the trail. Return to the main trail, continue over the footbridge and enter the woods. A very short distance into the woods, you will see a 3 trunked tree on your right that has a blue trail marker on it. Turn to your right and look down the small path and to the left to see a “holy tree”. Just behind this tree and slightly to the left, you should see a large 2 trunked tree. “Goddess” by Oceanwytch is waiting for you in between these 2 trees. After you stamp in, return to the trail and cross another footbridge. Shortly you will traverse a “crooked man” bridge. The trail then forks off. Take a left at the fork past “Chief’s Place” and up a short hill. At the top of the hill, go left. A very short distance later, you will come to an intersection. You want to head right towards the railroad tracks, following the sign for Fore River Trail. Go down the wooden steps, cross over the tracks and re-enter the woods making sure to follow the blue blazes. Soon you will go up a small hill. At the top of the hill, stop at the Y tree on the left. It used to be marked with a blue blaze but one of the limbs was cut. From the tree take a reading of 60° to a 2 ½ trunked tree. You will find “Equinox” by Dragonfly at the base of this tree. Return to the trail and continue on your way. You will come upon an intersection in a short time. At this intersection, take a right following the Fore River Trail. A left takes you to Jewell Falls. Keep an eye on the ground, for very soon you will step upon a very small bridge with parallel boards. Stand on this bridge and take a reading of 240°. Walk 9 paces to a double trunked tree. “Harvest Moon” by Gryphon is waiting for you there. Shortly after this box, a trail enters on the left (marked by a metal post). DO NOT TAKE THIS TRAIL. Continue straight on the blue trail. Soon you will exit the woods, cross over the tracks and re-enter the woods. About half way between where you re-entered the woods and a long bridge, you will see a tall stump with holes in it. You will find “Greenman” by Nautilus in its base. Continue across the long bridge and up a short hill. You will see that a trail enters on your left next to a double tree, but don’t take this path. Near the top of the hill you will spot a large pine on the left with a blue marker on it. You will also see a trail sign that says “Congress Street Exit”. Take this left. At the bottom of the hill, take a left over the bridge (look familiar?). Once you are over the bridge, you will see a path on the right marked in orange. Go 15 paces down this path to 3 fallen rotted logs. At the end of the largest log is where you will find “Harvest” by Culex. Turn back and continue right up the original path. This will take you back to your car the way you came in!