Is it time for Tea?  LbNA # 15360

Placed DateMay 28 2005
LocationMaumee, OH
Found By Dalmata
Last Found May 25 2016
Hike Distance?

Not difficult

Clues to “Is it time for Tea?”

“Is it time for tea?” Clara asked her mother.

Mommee did not answer directly as she was wrestling Jay, Clara’s little brother, into his clothes.

“I hate it when you dress me, Mommee” screamed Jay “I hope two hundred and nineteen droids will rescue me from this horrible life of having to wear clothes. Droids don’t have to wear clothes!”

The twins, Westin and Wayne, were anxious to get going as this was the day PopPop was taking all three boys to the movies and the ladies were going for “Tea”. They were all traveling together to the Indoor Theater at the intersection of US 25 and US 20; from there Clara and Mommee will walk 4 blocks to the Tea House.

This box is located in a retail/tea house, so you can only come during the hours listed below and of course hours are always subject to change.

When you arrive in the gift shop area, please say to the clerk “Mommee, Mommee, is it time for tea?” and you will receive your package. Respect the other shoppers as the space is small. There is room on the gracious front porch for boxing.

You may have time for tea, although reservations are appreciated – but impromptu shopping is always welcome.

Shop Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 10AM – 4PM

Do send the placer feedback! Thanks

Map of area is available at: Map