San Diego Country Estates #1  LbNA # 15370

Placed DateMay 28 2005
CountySan Diego
LocationRamona, CA
Planted ByThe Ramona Girls    
Found By epodki
Last Found Nov 7 2008
Hike Distance?

Planted: 5/28/05
Difficulty: 2
Strolers: No
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes
Time: 30 minutes round trip

This is the first in a series of 4 boxes planted in the San Diego Country Estates (

Park at the San Vicente Clubhouse (Inn/Golf Course/restaurant) (Restaurant closed on Mondays) at 24157 San Vicente Road. From the parking lot walk to the dirt sidewalk/path that borders the driving range and walk to the intersection of San Vicente Road and Ramona Oaks Road. Use two crosswalks to get to the NorthWest corner of the intersection - opposite the large "San Diego Country Estates" sign.

Proceed NorthEast (on Ramona Oaks Road) until you get to a white equine trail marker (horse head). From here look Northward to see a cluster of tree shaded boulders. Take the small trail to the boulders and have a rest on the bench donated by the San Vicente Pony Club.

From here take the larger trail Eastward (you'll be paralleling Ramona Oaks Road). You'll go between two large (6') boulders then cross a seasonal creek ("Casey's Creek" named after my quarter horse who refused to cross it for 2 hours one afternoon...) Continue on paralleling the road and the creek until you come to a rock "staircase". Climb the staircase to the top. Look to your right and you'll see an old dam.

Climb to the top of the dam. Orient yourself in such away that you could walk across the top of the dam. Take 2 1/2 paces and look down and to your right. There is a split boulder. The letterbox is nestled in the split hidden with some smaller fist sized rocks.

Take water and watch for the ever present rattle snakes. Take usual precautions and have fun.