Somewhere-in-downtown Missoula  LbNA # 15378 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerRubberband Man    
Placed DateMar 6 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By Judy
Last Found Jul 23 2005
Hike Distance?

Below are the addresses of eleven businesses and one workplace in Missoula, six per group. With each one, write down the first letter of the business name (disregarding the word “the”). Certain addresses have extra instructions for clarification. Then take the letters in each group and rearrange them to form the name of a place in downtown Missoula. For example, 701 S. Orange St. (from the second group) is the address for Orange Street Food Farm. Take the “O” from the beginning of its name, and you’re on your way!

___ 123 W. Main St. (two businesses here; take the one which starts with a vowel)
___ 135 N. Higgins Ave.
___ 215 W. Front St. (I couldn’t find it marked, but the two stores on either side are)
___ 231 W. Front St. (two businesses here; take the first letter closest to Z)
___ 116 W. Front St. (not a business; take first letter from the blue box)
___ 233 W. Main St.

___ 234 W. Front St.
___ 115 W. Front St.
___ 127 N. Higgins Ave.
_O_ 701 S. Orange St. (this is the example)
___ 115 W. Broadway St. (disregard the word “Missoula’s”)
___ 145 W. Main St. (take the first letter of the rhyming name)

Once you’ve unscrambled the name, go to this place. (If you don’t know where it is, ask a store owner.) Go to its front entrance. With your back to the entrance, turn left and follow its perimeter to the back. You will pass five trees along the way (the third tree has a plaque which reads “Britta’s Tree”).

Near the fifth tree, inspect the area to the right of the trash cans and beneath the tic-tac-toe. You'll have to dig a little. Underneath you'll find a letterbox!

P.S. My apologies to those who used the original clues to find that the hiding place was under water!