Oregon Quarter Dollar  LbNA # 15428

OwnerDouble Tree      
Placed DateMay 30 2005
LocationGresham, OR
Found ByTimm-ber Trail (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 15 2013


In honor of the Crater Lake design on the new Oregon quarter, I've carved and planted a stamp.

Enter Mt. Hood Community College at the north entrance. Proceed to the second 15, and go ahead to the yellow sign. Do what it says. Count 21 down. Proceed at 110 degrees magnetic for 20 paces. Leave the cement and walk straight ahead 21 paces. On your right, about a foot in front of the 4" oblong stone, look under the 4x5" stone. Please return the stone on top of the box, to mark the spot.

The area you are in is a species garden for the horticultural division of the college. Many of the plants are unusual and may be marked with their names. If you come back around March and April, more of the rhodies will be in bloom. A beautiful area at any time of the year, though.