Houston Heros  LbNA # 15435

OwnerKingwood family of 5    
Placed DateMay 30 2005
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Gofish Family
Last Found May 1 2007
Hike Distance?

This is at the Houston Fire Department Memorial. We found this by accident and thought it was a perfect place for a letterbox. This is the first box we have placed.

The address is 4225 Interwood North Parkway, just south of John F. Kennedy Blvd and North Beltway.

Here are directions from Beltway 8 and John F. Kennedy Blvd, which is by the airport. Turn onto JFK blvd by the Holiday Inn Hotel. Go a short distance and you will see a small sign pointing to the Firefighters Memorial, you will be turning left. There is no street sign, but there is a huge Flag and a marker for InterWood. When you come to the stop sign, keep going straight and then on the left hand side you will see FireFighters Administration offices. This is were the momument is. Park and walk over to the memorial.

Stand on the H.F.D. tiles in front of the momument -- go to your left by the HFD flag, walk behind the wall and then look on your left -- you will see a tree with a hollow stump, look in the stump under the leaves and grass you will find the box.

In the summer the area where the box is hiding is a somewhat overgrown with foliage. You will not be able to see the tree with the hollow stump. What you need to look for is the Hibiacus bush, the hollow tree is right behind that.

Please rehide well by covering it up with leaves.

Email me with status atina3819@yahoo.com.