Huron Lightship  LbNA # 15467 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2005
LocationCherry Valley, IL
Planted ByLaughing Coyote    
Found By Pastors Wife
Last Found Sep 15 2006
Hike Distance?

This box is part of the 2005 Great Lakes Letterbox Exchange. Letterboxers from the Great Lakes region made letterboxes with the theme "Hometown Landmarks", and then exchanged their boxes with other letterboxers. This box was created by The Cichlid Guy from Michigan, and then hidden by me, Laughing Coyote!

Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours, round trip
Hike Difficulity: Medium
Terrain: Trails, Wooden Steps, Rocks, Hills
Note: Small children may have difficulty with this hike

Travel to Kiswaukee Gorge Forest Preserve, located on Blackhawk Road. Enter the preserve and drive to the last parking lot and park there. On the West end of the lot, you will find two trail heads. Begin your journey by taking the left path.

Soon you will encounter a fork in the trail, take the Left fork. A short while later you will encounter another fork in the trail, this time take the Right fork. This trail will wind through the forest for awhile and you will pass a few smaller gorges. Take some time to enjoy the woods and marvel at these gorges, carved from the limestone over thousands of years.

Next you will come to a "T" intersection. To the left there are some wooden steps, and to the right is a dirt trail. Take the Left path and follow the steps. This trail will take you down into the main gorge. Stop at the observation deck and take a moment to view the gorge and the limestone outcroppings. Continue down the wooden steps and trails until you reach the bottom. Stand at the "mouth" of the gorge. You can see where water travels down the gorge and empties into the Kishwaukee River.

Carefully enter the gorge. Use caution, as there are many limestone rocks that can be a tripping hazard. Climb up into the gorge until you encounter a natural baracade made of large limestone pieces, about chest high. To the left of this baracade is a limestone "platform". Stand on this platform. The prize is hidden to your left, in the wall, about waist high, obscured by limestone rocks. When finished, please hide well.

Exit the gorge using the trail and steps you followed down into the gorge. When you come back to the "T" intersection, continue straight along the dirt trail. Soon you will encounter a fork, take the Right fork. A while later you will find another fork, this time take the Left fork, and this will lead you back to the parking lot.