LOTR Mt. Doom - My Precioussss  LbNA # 15475

Placed DateMay 31 2005
LocationGrand Mesa/Mesa, CO
Found By Connecticut Croaker
Last Found Jul 7 2014
Hike Distance?

Smeagol hides the Precious from the nasty orcses, master. But Smeagol will show you the way! Yes, yes, Smeagol helps the nice hobbitses! Follow me! Follow me!

From the I-70 road takes exit 49 up, up, up highway 65 to Grand Mesa, hobbits! Drive careful up the mountain until you reach the magical half moon parking area covered with nice gravel on the east side of the road. No permanent signs mark the secret half moon, but you will find it 4.8 miles past the lair of the sliding orcs called Powderhorn. If nice hobbits comes the other way from the village of Cedaredge, the half moon lies .6 mile from Jumbo.

Face Mount Doom and you will see the giant bowl caused by nasty orcs what does evil things below the ground. Don't go in the bowl or the orcs catches you! No, no, nice hobbits walks to the south side of the bowl and into the trees. No trail, no trail, hobbits! Walks careful and watch your feet! Go slow and listens carefully and hear what Smeagol says or you will get lost and the orcses will make a tasty snack of you! Keeps your eyes towards the southeast and up, up, up you go. Through the dead marshes..don't follow the lights.. and going up higher and higher. No path, no path, just up the mountain, heading for nearly the top. Black rocks! Curse them! Clever hobbits keeps close by but southeast of the lava rocks and skirts around nasty orc rocks! If clever hobbits not pay attention and starts climbing in the rocks, soon they will be lost! Up, up! Watch your feet! Follow the rocks and not your compass, Precious! Quiet or the orcses will hear you! Around the fallen trees, through the bushes, always keeping the lava flow on your left! Now we gets closer to the top, hobbits.. do you see? Do you see?! Not all the way at the top! Up there! A giant cave troll buried in the earth rises from the south edge of the mountain, his shoulders and ugly flat face spattered with blood from nasty orcs! Magic has turned him to stone, but beware, beware hobbits! Ringwraiths are nearby, do you hear their cries?! Nazgul! This troll what's covered with orcses blood isn't the only one up on this nasty mountain, but if clever hobbits pays attention and looks up all the time, this big bleeding troll will be the first one they sees! Look, hobbits! His head and shoulders sit high up on a pile of rocks as he looks down the mountain! A small group of lava rocks has rolled past him and down the south side of the hill! Look careful now, hobbits...under a shoulder...far back in... hidden by rocks and magic, do you see? Do you see? It's there, it's there!
The precious.
My precioussss.

Esmerelda says:

Handmade stamp
Handmade journal

Don't just scramble to the top.. you'll never find it! Follow Smeagol's directions and the Preciousss will be your's! The lava rocks cover the side of the mountain...walk up the right side of the rocks, there is no trail and few markings, but if you stay to the right of the lava flow you will find it. Use your imagination and the bleeding troll will be obvious. We didn't make these difficult intentionally.. but it's tough to write clues to without trails! Just pay attention and you'll find it!

It's a quick trip down, but a good climb up. You'll gain 140 feet in altitude. About 45 minutes round trip including stamping, less if you're healthier than I am.
There are no trails here and the ground is covered with limbs and rocks..be very careful! Go slow and watch your step!
All off-road hiking.
No wheelchairs
No strollers
Dogs fine
I don't recommend it for very small children or people not steady on their feet.
But watch out for orcs. I hear that one lurks very near.

PLEASE make sure this is very carefully rehidden.

Be sure to find Goldberry, Screaming Orc, Faramir, Prince of Ithilian and the Fellowship of the Marmots and Wringwraith and Tom Bombadil while you are here!