Lake County Pre Calc  LbNA # 15497 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2005
LocationLeadville, CO
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Hike Distance?

In Lake County, take Harrison Avenue heading south until you come to west 4th street. Take a right at that turn and go all the way down until you see a road fork off to the left into the high school parking lot. Go through the parking lot and around the school to the left. Take the road that goes straight, until you see a stop sign. From there take a left until you see the mineral belt trail crossing this road (McWethy street). Pull over here. There will be a dirt road. Go to the mineral belt bike trail that is on the west side of the road. There will be a ditch there, and the letter box will be under the tree above the ditch. It will be under a rock, so make like Jesus and roll the rock away.