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Butterfly  LbNA # 15499

Placed DateMay 22 2005
LocationBelgrade Lakes, ME
Planted By
Found By Horatio
Last Found Aug 4 2012
Hike Distance?


One mile north of Belgrade Lakes Village on Route 27, turn east(right)onto Mountain Drive. The Mountain parking lot is on the left 0.3 miles from Route 27. The Long Pond Loop(white arrow) leaves the main trail on the left(west) at 0.5 miles. You walk until you come to the "Steep Drop Off" sign and look for a bench set back from the sign.(this will ensure that you have the correct sign) Stand with your back to the bench(facing the lake)and walk towards the tree with the sign. Walk about one pace past the drop off sign-going towards the lake. Walk north/right(into the woods) past a small stand of white birch trees and then keep walking north towards the second small stand of white birches. As you stand in front of that second clump of white birches you need to look down and search in the rock creavices to your right.

This is an easy hike with some pretty views of Long Pond.