San Diego Country Estates #2  LbNA # 15509

Placed DateJun 1 2005
CountySan Diego
LocationRamona, CA
Planted ByThe Ramona Girls    
Found By epodki
Last Found Nov 7 2008
Hike Distance?

Start: Ramona Oaks Park: 25341 Ramona Oaks Road, Ramona, CA

Find the "Ramona Oaks Park" sign in the middle of the park. Facing the sign, walk north and cross the bridge. Stay to the north of the creek and turn right (East). Follow the creek east, pass the basketball courts (on your left). Weave your way through the 3 boulders blocking the path from motorized vehicles and a cut off telephone pole. This takes you to the corner of Cope Road. Cross the street and then turn south (right). Find the first horse trail marker (while pole topped with a horse head) and take the dirt trail to the left. You'll be on a beautiful oak lined trail.

Pass the "No Motor Vehicles" sign on your right. Houses are on your right. After the last house, continue on the trail until you come to a dam on the left side and seasonal waterfall. Continue past a large burned out stump on the left side of the trail. There are two trail spurs that go off to the right -- stay on the main trail close to the creek.

Cross a metal culvert pipe mostly covered with dirt with 2 wood posts sticking up in the debris on your left. Not too far past this point look for a burned out tree stump with one trunk still standing on the right side of the trail. It is about 5 paces off the trail. Behind it another 10 paces or so is a large tree with 5 large trunks coming out of one very large trunk.

The box is well hidden in the burned out stump 5 paces off the trail covered with leaves. Watch out for rattlesnakes and poison oak.