Railroad Bridge, Gazing Globe and Scenic View  LbNA # 15520

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateApr 25 2005
LocationMarietta, OH
Found By Li'l Green Ducky
Last Found Sep 7 2014
Hike Distance?
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Difficulty: Very easy- all 3.
Terrain: Drive up then a real short walk on flat ground/each.
Time: Less than 10 minutes after you park/each.
Distance: Less than 20 yards from car to quest and back again/each.
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

Leave Marietta on H.W. 7 South and when passing the turn off for H.W. 550 west mark your odometer. Continue south on 7 for 8/10 mile and look left to the scenic turn off on the opposite side of the road. You can't get there right now but on the flip flop you can. Continue south on 7 for another 9/10 mile and you will see Bender Road turning off to the right and so will you. About 2/10 miles up Bender look left and see a strange sight of something that looks completely out of place. That is a Railroad Bridge, which was part of the rail line between Marietta , Belpre and areas west in use in the early 1800s. The stones for this tunnel were most likely quarried a few miles south of here along with many grindstones. While trying to find a place to place this box I discovered the property on both sides of the road near the tunnel "Posted" and on down Bender toward the Globe factory is all private residences. Therefore you will find the Railroad Tunnel letterbox along with the Gazing Globe letterbox on down the road. Just make sure you take notice of the bridge to authorize yourself to the right of stamping in with the Railroad Bridge/Tunnel stamp.
Continue up Bender 1.0 mile until you see the J.T. Smith and Sons Glassworks building on the right..... www.jtsmithandsonsglassworks.com . I have permission to place a box around here (and in fact the owners daughter-in-law showed me where to place it) and you should feel free to request to watch them blow a ball, if they are working ... and buy a ball if you wish, but you are definitely not obligated to do so. To find this box: as you approach the Globe manufacturing building, on your right, notice the row of mailboxes on the left. Notice the last box which resembles a red barn. Both the "Railroad Tunnel" and "Gazing Globe" letterboxes are at the base of the second tree past the red barn mailbox, under some pottery or a rock. After stamping in on these boxes and checking out the globe manufacturing process go back to H.W. 7 and head back north toward Marietta.

Scenic View: 9/10 mile ahead you will pull off to the right into a scenic view turn out and you should park near the far end. View the scene along the river and if you are lucky you will see a string of barges or a pretty girl on a ski boat. Upriver in the distance you will faintly see the bridge that connects Marietta to Williamstown WV. In the opposite direction as the river (between you and the cliff side on the road) you will see a much more varied scene, which I find more interesting than what I saw on the river the day I placed this letterbox. If you parked in the last parking space in the pull out you are very near your quest.
Now walk toward the exit end of the pullout and look in the end of the metal guardrail where it bends around in a curve, just North of the last large concrete block. You will find "Scenic View" hidden in the end of the guard rail. Please do not push it back very far when when replacing it. I suggest you go back to your car to stamp iin then please reseal the baggies well and replace the box as you found it.