Cutler Underground Railroad and Decatur Cemetery  LbNA # 15529

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateApr 23 2005
LocationBarlow, OH
Found By GSD 1
Last Found Mar 9 2009
Hike Distance?
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Find the wide spot in the road of Barlow Ohio located west of Marietta, Oh about 13 miles on H.W. 550 or about 5 miles west of Belpre on H.W. 7 and 9 miles north on H.W. 339.

Difficulty: Very easy
Terrain: Drive up then a fairly short walk on flat ground.
Time: Less than 15 minutes after you park.
Distance: Less than 20 yards from car to quest and back again.
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

From the flashing light at Barlow Ohio go west on 550 approx. 6.2 miles, passing a few other letterboxes, and turn left on Clark Road (Township 61). Proceed 2.8 miles south on Clark Road, passing the 'Ferngully" letterbox, to H.W. 555 where you will turn left. Proceed south on 555 6/10 mile to Morris road (just before Centenary Church) and turn left on Morris. Go 1/10 mile and look left until you see the road angling off to the left to the cemetery. Drive up this leaf over gravel road to the gate of the cemetery, stop and get out. Look at the base of the last large tree on the left before the gate. Under a rock, twigs and leaves you will find the "Cutler Underground Railroad Station" letterbox. The actual site is down the road a ways but can you believe that this is the closest public place I could find to plant the box. Discretely get the box and do the stamping and put it back as you found it. (caution: do not try to go into the cemetery to turn around if the ground is the least bit wet) Return down Morris to 555 and take a left for another 1.7 miles, passing through Cutler and on to where you will see the large stone in a front yard on the left. You can pull off the road or go into the drive way of that residence for a short way and time to view the inscription on the large grindstone. (Note: Grind stone has been moved to the Museum in Belpre. Sorry)

When done with pictures or whatever continue on south on 555 another 2.4 miles to a left turn at the church onto Veto Road (CR 3) . Go east on Veto Road (3) 1 mile to the Decatur Presbyterian Cemetery and turn in to the right to the closest part of the parking lot. There you will see a grouping of 4 trees. Between the tree bases, under rocks and bark you will find the "Decatur Presbyterian Cemetery" black letterpouch. Discretely get the pouch, do the stamping, replace and reseal everything and return the pouch to the base of the tree as you found it. Further east on Veto Road there are other letterboxes or not far off the route you just came are also the Root Covered bridge box and the Choo Choo box. You may also want to check out the Barlow/Veto Loop Letterbox clues for a suggestion a route to take to find boxes in what the writer deems the most efficient manner.