Fall Brook Waterfalls & Ghost Town  LbNA # 15588

Placed DateMay 29 2005
LocationMorris Run, PA
Found By dewlovers
Last Found Nov 13 2008
Hike Distance?

Take Rt. 14 to Canton, Pa. to meet Rt. 414 West to the small village of Gleason. There isn't a sign that says you are in Gleason but you will notice a very sharp corner with a dirt road and another black top road meeting together at that curve. Take the black top road to the furthest right. It will go up a hill slightly. At about two miles the road will turn to dirt shortly past a ranger's station. Continue on the dirt road. There will be other dirt roads converging onto this one stay straight. It is a well travelled dirt road. At one point you may be tempted to take a dirt road that appears to "Y" with the road. Do not go up the hill. Stay to the left and stay on the road to the left. Shortly you will cross a bridge and you will see a camping area on your left and a picnic area on your right with two pavillions and an old fashion pump well (something that still me). When you reach the stop sign take a left onto Fallbrook Road and travel up the hill. When you get to the top of the hill you will see a lot of pine trees. This area used to be stripped mined. As a little kid, I remember them strip mining the area to the left. You will pass a small pond of the left and them start down a hill. Look for Old Apple trees on either side of the road and you go down the hill. This is your ghost town of Fallbrook. The railroad used to come up here to transport coal, on this same road there used to be a huge hotel and lots of little houses with people travelling about with horse and buggy. You would hardly know this now. The most you will see is some old apple trees and maybe a deer crossing once in awhile. you will come to a small bridge and right before that bridge their is a road to the right. There is an old one room schoolhouse on the right on that road and somewhere out there is a really old cemetery of Fallbrook which is no longer maintained. Really hard to find. Continue across the small bridge and take a left into the pull off area shortly after the bridge. You will see yellow and black gate. On foot go past the gate and follow the path leading left into the woods. you will cross and old rock walking bridge built by the CC boys through the "New Deal" program of President Roosevelt. Continue on this path always staying to the left until you reach the waterfall and a large metal fence edging the trail. The waterfall is so beautiful and so hidden. Believe it not, this place used to be a state park too but it is no longer on the map. The largest pavillion located at "County Bridge" state park was origionally located here up on the hill above you. After enjoying the view of the waterfalls follow the metal fence to it end. Then you will see the trail continue up a hill. Look across the trail to the other side and you will a hemlock tree and faint path on other side of the hemlock tree. take it to an old fire pit. It appears quite hidden from the view on the path with the metal fence. There is a large log on the right of the old fire pit and on the other side of the log you will find your box covered with small branches. I believe most people miss this fire pit and do not even know that it exists. Be careful not to climb on the other side of the metal fence because of the cliffs and ledges especially with small children. If you are interested in early American history, you might imagine what it was like for a family to spend a Sunday afternoon here. Please return the box it's hiding place.

May I suggest visiting the "Picnic at the Bridge" and "Country Church" letterboxes on Arameania Mt. too.