Old Country Church  LbNA # 15589

Placed DateMay 29 2005
LocationCovert, PA
Found By 4family
Last Found Mar 30 2014
Hike Distance?

Take Rt. 14 to Canton, Pa. to meet Rt. 414 West to the small village of Gleason. There isn't a sign that says you are in Gleason but you will notice a very sharp corner with a dirt road and another black top road meeting together at that curve. Take the black top road to the furthest right. It will go up a hill slightly. At about two miles the road will turn to dirt shortly past a ranger's station. Continue on the dirt road. There will be other dirt roads converging onto this one stay straight. It is a well traveled dirt road. At one point you may be tempted to take a dirt road that appears to "Y" with the road. Do not go up the hill. Stay to the left and stay on the road to the left. Shortly you will cross a bridge and you will see a camping area on your left and a picnic area on your right with two pavilions and an old fashion pump well. When you reach the stop sign take a right onto Fallbrook Road and continue on this road past the parking lot for the picnic area. You will continue on Fallbrook road for about ten (maybe 15 minutes) and pass many little hunting cabins on both sides of the road. You will see other dirt roads branching off from this one but stay on Fallbrook road. There is a lot of history on this road. An old boarding house, old farms, etc. There used to be several little communities up here back in the horse and buggy days. Going to Sunday church was a big social event for everyone. Young ladies would bring a mystery picnic box with lunch for two to church and the single gentlemen (not knowing whose picnic box was whose) would select a picnic box after church. On a warm summer days, they would then picnic together. This must of been an early version of blind dates. Soon you will pass a cemetery on your left and soon you will see a Church with a red metal roof on your left. Pull into the parking lot and park next to the parking sign saying "Park your John Deere Here." This church is called the Olde Covert Church built in 1878. There used to be parking here for horse and buggies. Many lived close by and walked to church. On foot go to the Jean Case prayer garden just above the parking lot. There is a bench here. You will see a sign pointing to the left into the woods that says "cemetery." It is somewhat maintained and hidden from the road. Once you get to the edge of the cemetery you will see a newer stone to the right with Czudak on it. Behind this stone is an old apple tree and you will find your letterbox hidden behind the apple tree underneath some small branches and twigs. It appears that families are trying to keep up this small old cemetery now. As an old African proverb says, "Your ancestors are never truly gone until their memory is forgotten."

I suggest visiting the letterboxes "A Picnic at the Bridge" and "Fall Brook Waterfalls - Ghost Town" on your travels.