Twin Lakes Upper #1  LbNA # 15599

Placed DateJun 5 2005
LocationGreeensburg, PA
Planted ByThe Critters    
Found By spikers
Last Found Oct 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Twin Lakes Upper #1

This will be a fairly easy box to find. Dogs are welcome. From Westmoreland Mall take Rt. 30E make a left on George's Station Road. (You will pass between Vallozzi's Restaurant and Sendall Motors)
Drive to a four way stop. Make a right. Follow road to Twin Lakes sign-make a left. Go under a stone underpass. Follow road to the first parking lot on the left. Park your car. Find the Tamarack Trail sign at the end of the parking lot. Enter the Tamarack Trail, take the trail to the left. Pass two informational podiums, the trail will split take the trail to the right. Drop down over the hill, pass the bench. Where 3 trails meet, you will find the lucky number. Facing the lucky number take 7-9 paces, under the large rock on the left you will find the treasure you seek. Good Luck. Email us if you find the box Thanks!