Swiper takes a vacation  LbNA # 15607 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 4 2005
LocationNewtown, CT
Found By fluttercat
Last Found Jul 23 2010
Hike Distance?

Swiper was devistated with the recent loss of some of his boxes and his therapist suggested a vacation.
So his buddies from Bikini Bottom have volunteered to fill in until Swiper returns.


Rt 84E, exit 11. Take Rt 34E (no more than 10 min.) to Zoar Cemetery. There is a tiny white sign on the left side of the road so keep your eyes peeled.


Enter into the cemetery and find a place to park. There is no actual parking location so the further you park from the entrance the better.

Walk back to the entrance. This is your starting point. On the right, between two "J"s, look over "Johnson"'s shoulder to find a tree sprouting a fence. SPONGEBOB is in the back of the tree nestled under some suspicious bark.

Back on the path, continue to find some "Love" and "joy". Don't try too "Hard", it won't take too long. After you've grown a "Beard" take a left and continue on the path. Don't stop for any "Beers", you're too young to drink. Don't get "Tucker"ed out its not too much further. You "Kain" continue on! Once you get "Twitchy", take another 18 steps west. Behind "Wilson"'s anchor you will find SQUIDWARD. (Adult arms are needed here)

Once Squidward is back in his place, take another 19 steps west and stick out your "Tongue". North 24 more steps to "Hurlbutt"'s tower. 35 steps Northwest will bring you to "Anderson"'s bench. Have a seat and look straight to "Loveland". PATRICK is in the wife's bush.

Total time from parking to Patrick was 20 minutes (with a tike in tow).