Swiper's on Spring Break!  LbNA # 15608 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 5 2005
CountyNew Haven
LocationWaterbury, CT
Found By Corrina
Last Found Oct 22 2010
Hike Distance?

[First Aid: Found with wet log book Feb2010. Needs adoption by caring letterboxer. --Choi, LbNA Webmaster]

Swiper is on spring break. We don't know where he is. He was last seen cavorting with the Travelocity gnome somewhere near Amsterdam. But you can find his friends romping through Fulton Park.

11/09 - the second box is reported missing and not plans to replace it.


RT 8 North to exit 36. Take a right and continue straight and up a hill. Take a right onto Cooke St. and proceed until Fulton Park is on your left. Find a place to park on the side of the road.


Starting in the park, across from Park Pizza, cross a bridge, past a pond, and stay straight on the path. Look for handicapped parking signs up the hill. From the sign (at the parking space) take 10 steps back down the path. Look to your right and see a LARGE twin sister tree. At the base of the tree you will find a large hole covered with suspicious bark and therein lies your prize.

Head back down the path and take a left past "Ida Fulton". Continue past the playground and another pond and find a big gazebo. Below the gazebo, seek out the Fultons. Head Northeast to a large rock wall. Between two large twin sister trees is a suspicious rock (Although, when we questioned him he had an alibi for all six suspicious markings). Grownups: a cavity search here will yield results (sorry, had to be said).

NOTE: Swiper has been known to frequent a snacking hot spot around here.