Famous Faces From Wisconsin Series 1-3  LbNA # 15613

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateMar 12 2005
LocationKenosha, WI
Found By Trail Mix 5
Last Found Jun 28 2013
Hike Distance?

Petrified Springs Park
Updated Clues 10/7/09

Boxes #1 and #2 have been replaced...box three is still missing. Hope to replace it before the snow flies.

Box #1 Orson Welles
Replaced 10/09

Park at area #5 and proceed to the trail sign. Ascend the hill and follow the trail, keeping the highway on your right. Stay right all the way to the red garage. With the garage at 210 degrees and a wood pile at 30 degrees, spot the keyhole tree that is north of the barn. At the base of the keyhole tree is a fallen log. Search the end closest to the tree. Please rehide completely.

Box #2 Al Molinaro
Replaced 10/09

Continue on the trail until you come to a Kenosha County landmark about early settlers. Soon after this intersection, the trail splits. Take the low road to the left. At the next, almost immediate fork, go right. Now, listen for the water. Continue until you come to a wide intersection. Left is the direction you want to go – feel free to smile back at the friendly stump and the two younger brothers grilling out. At the fork, head right, then straight at the crossing and up the stairs. You should now be traveling along the lower trail. Look for a smaller bridge below you on the right. Cross it and continue on this low trail, climbing up the old stone stairs where a stone bench probably stood many years ago. Continue to the NE down the 15 stairs. To your right, two trees, one leaning, are connected at their bases. Search behind these trees. Please rehide completely.

Box #3 Don Ameche
Missing 9/09

Begin your search by parking in the lot across the road from UW-Parkside’s cross-country course starting area.

Make a wish.

Your trail is behind the wishbone birch tree.

Keep the fence on your right and the river on your left.

Descend and wrap around sharply to the left.

At the fork, stay to the left – avoid the clearing to the right.

A little further ahead you’ll have another chance to enter the clearing.

Go through this opening on your right and spot the large stump at 300 degrees with its roots exposed. Walk 22 paces north along the tree line. Grab a handle on the left and lift.

Leapin' Lizards