Butterfly Trail  LbNA # 15623 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 5 2005
LocationNiwot, CO
Planted ByButterfly Trail    
Found By Praire Dog Pack
Last Found Oct 28 2007
Hike Distance?

This box is temporarily missing...we will replace it as soon as possible. Sorry!

Distance: 1000 feet, about a quarter mile
Dog Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: For older children, as the distance is a bit far. It is on a sidewalk so anybody over the age of six could make it easily
Incline: Downhill on a sidewalk on the way there. On the way back there is a short uphill, but not too strenuous.
The box is on a used path, so wait until there is nobody walking by to stamp, even though the box is out of the way.

Head away from the mountains on Niwot Road from the diagonal (119), find the sign on your right proclaiming the First Bank and the market with a tasty name. Park here, this is where we will start.

Follow the path of a butterfly: Cross the road that brought you here, go to find the yellow man (hint: he is always walking and on a sign). Follow his path and continue in the direction the sun rises. You will come to Meadowdale, then cross Johnson's Valley. Follow the sidewalk path for a while, until you can see the marks that Cupid made carved in cement beneath your feet. Look down and see that Keri loves Eric. Cross the bridge and take a rest on a bench made out of stone. When you have caught your breath, keep on the trail until you see the small "avalanche" on your right. Turn around, don't forget to pick up after man's best friend. Look for a sign that reminds you of that, but don't let the dog lead, he's going the wrong way. Keep going. Look for tails, horsetails and cattails, drinking from the watering hole again on your right. Pass them all. Make the second of two crossings and take the second of two rests. Choose the second of two benches, where you can watch the sunset. Walk back toward the bridge and look carefully underneath the northeast side, the second support in.