Call of the Wild  LbNA # 15629

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateJun 6 2005
LocationLogan, OH
Found By Bookloon
Last Found Sep 26 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 26 2015

Location: Hocking Hills State Park---Rock House

Difficulty: 1/2 miles round trip to the boxes with light/moderate effort physically, easy directions . Use caution around the Rock House due to some slippery rocks.
Bring: pen or pencil, old rag/gloves, compass, FLASH LIGHT if you have one and stamp pad
This trail gets a lot of activity in the summer and weekends so your going to have to be really discrete getting, replacing and stamping in on the 3 letterboxes. But its a neat part of the park, although off the main portion, so I wanted to entice you in. And signs told me to stay close to the main path. Please reseal the baggies well to protect the log books and replace the boxes/pouches as you found them.

Upon entering the Rock House portion of the parks follow the one way signs past the first parking lot to the eastern parking lot loop. Park and find the trail head to Rock House, close to the rest rooms.

STINGER (NOTE: this box is definately missing so another one bites the dust. This is the second of this series to be lost. The other one "Cheers" as been redone and moved to another part of the park". Do not plan on this one being replaced) Head down the trail to the intersection of trails. Go down the steps cut into the stone and make a required left at the base of the steps. Just before reaching the wooden railroad tie step by the tree with the yellow marker on the left, make a left turn and go along the bluff wall ~ 13 steps. Look just past the pine above and on your right side to the rock on the ground ahead with bark and limbs covering "STINGER".

CALL OF THE WILD Continue on the main path westerly until coming to a wooden foot bridge. . Cross the bridge and continue (actually about 60-80 feet) ahead where you will find the Rock House on your left. There are
several entrances but the second one, that can be reached easily, is the best. If you happen to have a flash light it will make walking around on the inside of the Rock House much easier. After you are done exploring inside, continue along the trail going down the long series of steps.
Cross the bridge to your right at the bottom where it is sandy. Continue on UP the trail on the stone steps at ~ 340*. You will see a multi-fused tree trunk (beech) with a yellow mark on your right. Continue just a few more steps where you will see a trail to your right blocked with a fallen tree log which is cut on both ends. Step over the
fallen tree log and go 9 steps and look to your right for a rotten stump. CALL OF THE WILD is in the middle of the stump under a large rock.

Have fun in the Parks and searching out the many other boxes close by, placed primarily by Trail Tracker. You will find the locations and stamps make the hunts worth while.