Research & Riddles  LbNA # 15657 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2005
Location???, MA
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 6 2008
Hike Distance?

Stamp: hand carved
Terrain: mostly flat wooded trails

Research and Riddles

First answer these 2 riddles:
1: What goes up the chimney down but can’t go down the chimney up? (8 letters)

2: What is black when you buy it, red when you use it and gray when you through it way? (8 letters)

Now for some research:
1: What is the last letter of my first box planted?

2: What is the date I was married?
(The 2 yr anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing)

3: What was my age in june 2005?(when this box was planted)

4: Add the 7 digits from research question #2 then
Subtract the answer from research question #3 from that #
Now add each digit from my age. Spell out this #

Now to decode it:

Write out the 25 letters.
Starting with the answer to riddle # 1, number these letters 1-8
Answer to Riddle #2, number these letters 9-16
Answer to Research #1, number this letter 17
Answer to Research #4, number these letters 18-25

Use this code to find out where you must go.
9,4,14,13,17,5,4,- 25,23,9,17, 13,14,18,1,20,18

(One more thing you need to know….How old was I when I got married?)
Now that you know where to go….
Park at the sign that says interpretive trail
At the first choice take the path at about 240 degrees.
At the bottom of the hill, go over the camels back
Pass #5 and choose the path at about 245 degrees.
Stay on the main trail (you will see a gate over to the right)
At #6 go SW
Pass #7 and walk through a large sandy clearing.
Take the path guarded by the scrub pines and a quick left
at the new oak.
Follow until you find #9
At #9, take the same number of steps as my age when I got married
In a direction of 300 degrees.

You will find Research and Riddles here. Please re-hide well and travel back the way you came.
This is a wonderful wooded trail with very few easy hills. Great views and lots of birds.
We also saw lots of Lady Slippers along the way (June) but remember to look with eyes and not hands… after all, they are endangered.

Have fun and be safe. I would love to hear feedback and finds:
This box is also posted
**special thanks to golden sandollar for helping me plant this box**