Club Tahlequah  LbNA # 15662 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2005
LocationGladstone, OR
Planted Byletterbox    
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Sep 7 2007
Hike Distance?

This box was hidden by the boys (yes, boys) and girls of Club Tahlequah. Many people are often surprised to learn that boys can be members of Camp Fire. But, they can!!!

At the time of placement, Club Tahlequah consists of five, six-year-olds. We let them decide where to hide it and they helped write the clues. Since the box is fairly easy to find, we will leave it up to you to find the location of the Mt. Hood Camp Fire Council.

From the main parking lot, head towards Demi Moore's favorite street. Once you reach the sidewalk, turn 1/4 to the right. Walk down the sidewalk until it T's with the path. Turn 1/4 right. Go twenty without breakin' yo mama's back. You should have fire to your right and behind that something to put it out. Walk fifteen without breakin' yo mama's spine. Turn 1/4 to the right and walk forward. You should see an upside down "U" to your left and boulder city to your right. Keep walking until the bend in the curb. Turn 1/4 left. Take twenty steps forward. Turn 1/4 to the left. Look down. Find the end of the retaining wall on the left, look under brick and under pot, now you're hot! Inside you may find a "gift" from the Camp Fire Council. If your budget allows, feel free leave a small tax-deductible donation in the mail slot - as they are a non-profit agency that does great things for the children in the area (as well as all over the USA).