Guided Oak  LbNA # 15667

OwnerDelta Dawn    
Placed DateJun 7 2005
LocationNew Braunfels, TX
Found By DragonDreamer
Last Found Nov 14 2008
Hike Distance?

12-22-06 This is a tough box to keep there. This is the 4th replacement since it was put there initially. I will replace by 1-1-07. Sorry for any inconvience.

Landa Park has been a place for many locals since the 1800's. Along the San Antonio "Road" path, a family of German Settlers look to the North. The Oak on their east side has guided many a folk. Following the wall to the North will take you to Canda. Following the wall to the South will lead you to the letterbox or if you go to far you will hit San Antonio. Replaced as 12-23-05. Now is a microbox.

Please contact me to let me know how it is doing if you find it.

5 08 MISSING IN ACTION Will post when it has returned back. Hopefully shortly