Let's Go Hiking at Bell's Mountain  LbNA # 15670

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateJun 4 2005
LocationWhiting, ME
Found By Kirbert
Last Found Jun 10 2006
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Let’s Go Hiking At Bell’s Mountain

Bell’s Mountain is located off Route 1 in Edmunds, about 2.5 miles north of the village of Whiting and the intersection of Route 1 with 189. You’ll pass Tide Mill Farms on the right. The next road on the left is Bell’s Mountain Road. The trail head (indicated by a large brown sign) is a short way in on the left.

Box 1 –

To the top
Stand on bare rock
Soak in the view
Barn, road, house, bay, island in line at 105 degrees
Bold spruce at 35 degrees and 18 steps away
On a moss covered ledge perhaps 10 feet tall
Face the spruce – see a crevice on your left, 4 feet long and who knows how deep
Strong root on your right, gripping the mountain
Box wedged under root, sticks and moss

Box 2 –

And now back down
The gradual way this time
To a spot where two cedars grow
Immediately along the right side of the trail
The wider grows up at an angle over the trail
The thinner curves into the wider then grows back out
The more creative mind might see the letter “K” formed by the trees
Up the hillside, 100 degrees maybe 12 steps from this mingled pair
Sit another pair, sadly dead, astride a boulder
Box hidden where roots meet boulder
Under a pile of rocks