Two Sisters Tree Letterbox  LbNA # 15721

Placed DateJun 11 2005
LocationSharon, CT
Planted ByJPH the Leaf Lady    
Found By 4us2hike!
Last Found Apr 24 2016
Hike Distance?


Start your quest for the Two Sisters Tree letterbox on the west bank of the Housatonic river at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 7 in the town of Sharon, CT.

Coming from Cornwall Bridge Route 7 goes right and Route 4 goes straight up Sharon Mountain, a steep hill. Heading West, follow Route 7 to the right. Go slowly, and take an immediate right on River Road.

Drive down and around, past the church, under Cornwall Bridge, traveling with the Housatonic River on your left. Continue a few miles down River Road until you come to a 'Y' intersection. You will see a sign "Apalachan National Scenic Trail" (AT) and park here on the left by the river.

Start walking up the paved road to the right looking for white blazed for AT. You might see faint yellow blazes marking the AT boundary line on the left. Immediately you'll see white blazes on the right and left of the road.

Go right off the paved road (North) on the AT white blazed trail, up some small stone steps. Hike up the mountain side, passing thru a switch-back on the trail. You can rest on boulders in the trail at a scenic overlook before you continue on up the mountainside. Eventually you will come to a clearing marked with a sign "Silver Hill Camping" and a blue blaze. Continue straight through on the white blaze trail to the top of the mountain.

At the top of the mountain you will come to a large scenic overlook with a breathtaking view of the Housatonic valley. Looking North here from the two-sister (chestnut oak?) tree with a white blaze, take thirteen steps north along the trail. You'll see a large boulder just off the trail to the left (west) that has a small white quartz rock next to it. Standing on this boulder you can see all the way north up the river valley. Tucked under the north west side of this boulder, covered with a weathered piece of log, you will find the Two Sisters Letterbox.

It takes about an hour to reach the letterbox. You can return to your car the way you came, or if you have two cars, you can continue on the trail and come out on Route 4 about a mile west of the junction of Route. 7 -- marked with a oval white AT trail sign and white blazes. If you continue on the AT from the letterbox to Rt. 4 the entire hike will take about an hour and a half.

The two part stamp in this letterbox was Leaf Lady's very first signature stamp! These two sisters thought we'd share this piece of letterbox history and a wonderful hike through a quiet rugged section of the Apalachan Trail. The Breadloaf Mountain letterbox and part of the Four Directions letterbox series.