Longleaf Vista  LbNA # 15724

Ownerkisatchie kids    
Placed DateJun 11 2005
LocationDerry, LA
Found By J&H
Last Found Jul 11 2012
Hike Distance?

About halfway up the state on Interstate 49 you will find one of the most unique landscapes in all of LA. Take ext 119 which is Hwy 119 and the Derry exit. Head west on Hwy 119. You will see a sign for the Kisatchie National Forest and the Longleaf Trail. Traveling for about 5 miles on hwy 119 you will start to climb up into the hills. There will be two signs for the Longleaf Trail(actually a road), turn right onto the Longleaf Trail. You are now driving on a beautiful scenic highway that has spectacular views. Be sure to drive within the speed limit so as to truly enjoy your outing. After only 3 miles on the Longleaf Trail you will come to the sign for the Longleaf Vista. Drive into the recreation area and park in the lot. Walk towards the bathroom and kiosk and you will see the trail extending out behind it. The unique pine ridge is lined on both sides with a handmade sandstone wall and a stone walkway running thru the middle. At the end of the point you will see a small shelter. From here you get a good view of other surrounding ridges with exposed rocks and beautiful longleaf pine trees gracing this nationally designated wilderness area. From the shelter, walk off to the right and you will see a small path with steps leading down. Be sure to stay on the trail and not cause any erosion on these very fragile soils. Continue on the trail towards the next point. As the steps start to go up, look to the right. From the second step up, go right for about 8 feet. At the second large rock you will notice it is at an angle. Under the right front corner is a space and some small rocks have been placed to cover the letterbox. Move the small rocks and carefully locate the letterbox being observant to any critters that may have taken up residence under the rock as well. Don't be scared just careful. Be sure to place the letterbox back where you found it and hide with the small rocks in front. This area is subject to frequent natural fires and so the letterbox needs to be protected under the rock. Continue up the steps to see another great view off Turpentine Hill and keep reminding yourself, yes I am in Louisiana.