Don't Mess With Me  LbNA # 15736

Placed DateJun 12 2005
LocationWinsted, CT
Planted ByPatriotic Girl    
Found By RisingSunHorseWoman
Last Found Oct 3 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a new stamp and location for this box, the last one turned up missing.
This stamp is for my husband George, who had a run in with one of these on a camping trip on the Appalacian trail.
On Rt. 44 in Winsted, turn south onto Bridge St.
Take your first right and then your first left onto Pratt St. Follow it up the hill through two stop signs. Continue straight and pass Batcheller School on the left. Continue on this street until it turns to dirt. You can park here or continue to park at the first right hand turn off for a trail and park here.
Walk down the main road for a few minutes until you see a "BIG STONE" wall on your left. 14 steps down this wall behind a birch? tree in the wall and under a rock, you will find "Don't Mess With Me".