Panther Mound  LbNA # 15777

OwnerM Clan    
Placed DateJun 13 2005
LocationWaunakee, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Sep 6 2009
Hike Distance?

CLUES: Updated and correct. Thanks to The Puddlejumpers for their help. These clues are moderately difficult – it will take you a while once you find the “code book” so plan some time, bring some scrap paper and a pencil, and you’ll figure it out. Mother M Clan enjoys letterboxes with some clue work to do so this one’s placed in honor of her.

TRAIL: 1.8 miles, rolling. Expect some bushwhacking as well.

STAMP: Hand-carved – one of Father M Clan’s first.
LOGBOOK: Pathetic. The one I bought didn’t fit in the box so I had to rig up this one last minute. But it works...

Make sure you grab a map before heading onto the trail. You'll need it.

Sit at the bench in the shelter facing “Panther Mound” in a state park on Hwy. M just north of Madison, WI.

Enjoy wondering about Native Americans and mound-building (not to mention panthers in Wisconsin and how this mound could possibly look like a large feline). While wondering, find a place nearby that will tell you the information you desire.

(I’ll be kind and tell you not to try and solve this code until you’re “on-site.” You should be able to get it then.)

L1W1L1 L31W4L4 L28W1L10 L35W2L4 L17W1L3 L26W3L2 L33W5L1 L35W5L4 L34W8L2 L11W2L1 L25W4L3 L30W6L7 L33W2L5 L1W2L4 L22W1L1 L26W6L5 L31W5L9 L9W3W2 L34W5L6 L20W1L4 L19W1L3 L32W2L2 L10W2L2 L21W1L4 L18W1L6 L28W1L2 L28W8L2 L25W2L4 L33W4L4 L10W3L1 L35W1L1 L2W2L5 L14W1L1 L16W2L4 L6W1L7 L3W1L4 L30W7L3 L31W1L7 L9W1L2 L33W2L5 L35W3L3 L18W1L6 L17W3L1 L25W3L3 L16W2L3 L20W1L8 L9W4L4 L28W7L1 L31W4L3 L35W4L2 L1W1L2 L2W3L3 L35W1L2 L35W2L3 L26W5L2 L33W1L1 L33W2L5 L21W1L6 L3W1L3 L15W2L2

L4W1L11 L22W1L1 L24W5L5 L31W1L2 L28W1L1 L30W6L7 L33W3L9 L24W1L1 L26W7L2 L17W1L1 L8W1L6 L5W1L5 L22W4L1 L1W3L3
L32W3L1 L34W5L3 L24W9L1 L33W6L3 L35W5L5 L23W1L1 L9W4L6 L35W5L7 L22W2L2 L15W1L4 L2W2L2 L25W3L1 L24W4L1 L33W5L2 L16W2L3 L23W2L1 L2W3L1 L11W2L1 L28W6L6 L16W1L2 L14W2L1 L29W2L5 L25W7L4 L34W3L4 L32W1L1 L1W2L2 L17W1L3 L8W2L3 L33W7L8 L33W3L6 L22W5L6 L11W2L6 L28W6L5 L31W5L9 L31W2L4 L25W7L6 L34W5L1 L32W1L2 L16W2L3 L22W5L9

Please be discreet as you retrieve the box and stamp in. Replace it well-hidden. This is our first place and we’d hate to lose this thing early.

Please let me (email the placer) know the condition of the box and how the hunt went.

Father M Clan