Trail Letterbox  LbNA # 15790 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerkisatchie kids    
Placed DateJun 12 2005
LocationGardner, LA
Found By EZoos
Last Found Mar 28 2010
Hike Distance?

The Evangeline District of the Kisatchie National Forest is known for the diverse trail network they have. The Wild Azalea National Recreation Trail winds thru all sorts of diverse habitats. The Lakeshore Trail follows the secluded coves of the scenic east side of Kincaid Lake and eventually ties into the Wild Azalea Trail. The best way to access this trail is to travel Hwy 28 west from Alexandria, as you start to see the road rise into the hills you will see a sign for the Kisatchie National Forest and the East Kincaid Boat Launch. If coming from the west and passing thru Gardner you will head down out of the hills and see the same sign as above. Turn south on the road which leads to the boat launch - Messina Road. Follow this road for a short distance til you reach the road to the boat launch off to the right. As you approach the boat launch you will see the lakeshore trail off to your left. Park in the lot up from the boating area, pay the user fee and head off on the trail. As you walk on the trail notice the pretty hardwood slopes and quiet coves. You may even get a glimpse of the resident bald eagles which share their lake with water skiers and boaters. The trail comes amazingly close to a few houses and it is at this point where the letterbox is hidden. The first bridge you come to will be over a dry channel. The bridge has one horizontal beam support in the middle. Climb down under the bridge and look carefully on this support. You will see the letterbox neatly resting on the beam. Please be sure to tuck it back up carefully where it will not easily be seen. Feel free to enjoy the rest of the trails or head back out to Hwy 28 and stop by the Forest Service office in Gardner and get a map of all the trails available.