Greenwich  LbNA # 1585

Placed DateAug 14 2002
CountyPrince Edward Is, CAN
LocationGreenwich, PEI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Greenwich, Prince Edward Island, Canada
This is a Canadian National Park near St. Peter's Bay.

Planted by "the Family"(Yuzi, CERK, VFTR, butterbaby, spunky spaniel,
and rtrw) on August 14th, 2002.

Time - 15 minutes
Difficulty - easy
Distance - 200 yards or less. I never think about these things while planting, only when typing in the clues.

What a great interpretive center. We were actually going to try to get out on the trails and to the beach here. FYI, I believe there is a $4.00 fee per person, but totally worth it. Some in the family wouldn't have managed that much walking, so we planted close to the interpretive center (another small fee, but truly worth going inside for the multi media presentation alone). A terrific facility and well managed.

To find the box walk east of the interpretive center to the top of the mound. Spaniel and I weren't sure, but this may be their septic system. Find the green plastic topped access hole to whatever it is. Take a compass reading of 340 degrees and look for the sickly reddish conifer. Head toward the tree. Southwest of the tree you will see some birches standing guard over your prize. Spaniel also encourages you to wear long pants and something other than sandals on your feet because of some prickers.

Enjoy. We were vacationing on Prince Edward Island when we planted this box. Please help us keep it updated and dry, as we will be there very rarely. Thanks in advance.