New Jersey Hitchhiker Hostel  LbNA # 15862

OwnerThe Northerner    
Placed DateJun 16 2005
LocationWatchung, NJ
Found By MikeMD3
Last Found Jan 12 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 6 2015

PLACED BY: The Northerner
PLACED: June 16, 2005
NOTE/LAST CHECKED: January 17, 2012—This boxes old home was getting a little cramped, so the NJHHH has been relocated! The parking location is still the same and the updated clues are below. The two hitchhikers in this box had been previously removed by a finder when the old spot was getting tight so there are currently no hitchhikers there. Please feel free to drop some off when you get a chance and let me know so that I can update this note!

A hitchhiker, in letterboxing terms, is a letterbox that is placed inside other boxes and is moved from box to box as it is found. A hitchhiker hostel, therefore, is a box that serves as a special resting point for hitchhikers. Inside the New Jersey Hitchhiker Hostel you should find two hitchhikers along with the box’s stamp. You can stamp in on all three, but should only take a hitchhiker if you have one to replace it (be careful to take a hitchhiker and not the box’s stamp!). In other words there should always be three stamps in the box when you leave it: 2 hitchhikers and the Hostel’s stamp.

The New Jersey Hitchhiker Hostel is located in Washington Rock Park near Watchung, New Jersey. I tried to pick a location that was close to a lot of main roads but also beautiful (and the view from up there is certainly that). These clues are very straightforward, the easiest I probably will ever write and the walk is short (10 minutes round trip). The purpose of this box was to introduce letterboxers to a beautiful spot to stretch their legs on their travels, not to make a big hike or puzzle out of it. It is a hand carved stamp, but there is no stamp pad, so come prepared.

DIRECTIONS: Washington Rock State Park is most easily accessible from Route 22 and Interstate 78. Both directions are included here.
FROM ROUTE 22: Washington Avenue (also Route 529) intersects Route 22 about 5 miles east of where Interstate 287 crosses 22. You want to head north on Washington Ave. (up the steep hill). In just under a mile Washington Avenue will end. Park in the lot directly in front of you.
FROM INTERSTATE 78: Take Exit 36 (King George Rd.) south towards Mount Bethel. King George Road will soon turn into Mount Bethel road which will turn into Warrenville Road. After a little more than 3 miles (just past the Warrenbrook Golf Course, you will make a left onto Rock Road W. Follow this about a mile until you see Washington Ave (route 529) coming in from the right and a parking lot on your left. Park in the lot.

CLUES: You undoubtedly will be drawn to the monument and the beautiful ridge-top view from across Rock Rd. Feel free to check this out first. When you have had your fill return to the parking lot. Facing the flag pole/monument your path will be on your left, leading away from the parking lot along Rock Rd. It will quickly end at a gated park road. Turn left on the road. At the Washington Rock State Park sign take the left fork and start counting paces (I consider 1 pace to equal 2 steps). After 76 paces there will be a faint trail on your left. It can be a little hard to see at first but it is well lined with rocks and logs so once you find it, it should be pretty easy to follow. You have gone too far along the road and missed this trail if you come to a water fountain on your right and a “Private Drive” on your left. If you hit this turn around and go back 12 paces to the trail. Once on the trail (marked by white circles) count 35 paces to reach a marked tree on your right. From this tree head due south 8 paces. The box is hidden in the hollowed out fallen tree at your feet. It is nestled in there pretty well about three quarters of the way along the fallen tree so look carefully! Please be discrete while getting the box, as this is a popular park. Also, when done stamping in and taking your hitchhikers (if you have ones to replace them) please double bag with the bags provided and rehide as well or better than you found it. I would hate to be responsible for a couple hitchhikers being lost because my box was taken. Either return the way you came or continue on the trail which leads back to the parking lot. Be warned though, if you continue up the trail (at least at the time of writing these clues) there are several downed trees across the trail you will have to make your way around! Hope you enjoyed the hunt!

If you find this box (or attempted and did not find it) please e-mail me at I love to hear how my boxes are doing.

The Northerner