UMA Fitness trail  LbNA # 15865 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 17 2005
LocationAugusta, ME
Found By Razzy Raz
Last Found May 6 2007
Hike Distance?

UMA fitness trail.

Off interstate 95, take exit 112A (one of Augusta's 4 exits). At this exit turn right toward Augusta. Head down until you see the civic center on the right. Turn right into the Civic Center and go all the way up and past the Civic Center front entrance. To the right of the building is an entrance into a back parking lot and Maine Municipal Association. Go to the right into the back parking lot. Do not go into the parking lot of Maine Municipal association. Find the tennis courts and park near them. Find the path which leads between the tennis courts and a platform tennis court. Take the path past the courts until you find the main entrance to the UMA fitess trail. Head into the trail. After a small walk you will find the trail loops around. You can go across the loop or take the loop it makes no difference except it makes your walk a little longer. Keep walking on the trail. It will go down a hill and up another hill. On the top of the hill you will find on the right a platrorm with a seat and a stretching bar on it. Sit on the seat and look straight ahead. There will be a small path that goes up a little hill. Go up the hill just a little way. You will see some large evergreen trees. Turn right and look for a pile of rocks. The box is under some rocks in this pile. You will have to look a bit but it is not too hard to find. Enjoy the rest of the trail and be sure to check out the UMA art exhibit at Jewett hall, near the end of the trail. There is a bathroom there and one at the civic center also. It is pretty hard to get lost on these trails. You can get between the Civic Center and UMA by road if you choose to get back to your car that way.